Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Free Family Circle & Ikea Free Seminar Coming Up To Help You Spruce Up Your Kitchen! April 20th and April 21

Family Circle and Ikea have teamed together to promote a series of local events. Join Designer Dad Stephen Saint-Onge for a Free Life Improvement Store Seminar at IKEA where he will share creative tips and techniques on how to refresh and update your kitchen.

The events are this Saturday (4/20) at the IKEA store in Paramus and Sunday (4/21) at the Ikea store in Elizabeth, and both are free and open to the public.

They should be really fun events and attendees will even receive some free gift giveaways!


  1. I love Ikea in Charlotte,NC. I could redo my house there in a breeze. Better yet, I'd love it if they redid my house!

  2. Fortunate to have an Ikea not too far from us, and we absolutely love it. It would be awesome for them to redo our home

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