Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Consumer expert and spokesperson for, Vlad Nardin, shares six things you can do to make sure your holiday purchases make it on time

1.      Verify that the item you want is not on back-order – Even if you shop online, call the websites phone number and verify the status of the item you want to buy

2.      Watch out for “ship to store” options – Some retailers will offer free or lower rate shipping if they ship directly to your local retail store, but at check out your store may not be available. Go to your local retail location and if the item is not available there, have the store order it.  This way there’s no confusion and you truly get the free shipping.

3.      Do not shop on layaway – Many layaway options are very limited to toys and some electronics and the fees attached are prohibitive.

4.      Visit the post office or UPS store early in the morning – Many gifts fail to make it on time simply due to confusion at the post office or UPS store as the day wears on.  Workers become tired, things get missed, so do your shipping early in the morning when the doors first open.

5.      Verify Christmas shipping dates and deadlines – Many retailers still do not offer an arrival for Christmas guarantee, so be sure to read the fine print carefully, and when in doubt, call for verification. 

6.      Shop online at e-retailers and not brick and mortar stores – A consumer has a better chance of receiving an item from Amazon rather than the hot item on a retail store's website. Amazon uses an advance distribution and inventory system, which increases the chances of your item arriving on time.

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