Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Free Children's Ebooks on Amazon

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I Love . . . by Cindy Bracken

Little kids will love this sentimental picture book with its cute photos of babies and moms. Author Cindy Bracken is a former Kindergarten teacher and school librarian. This experience flows into her books which are free from grammatical errors and always have large, bright illustrations.

Seven Days in a Week by Dianne Miller

Miller, who is both a successful artist and mother, has published a number of delightful books that she wrote for her own daughters while they were young. Her book Seven Days a Week is a simple explanation of the days of the week illustrated with her popular Little Bunny. Most of her other books are short stories that help explain small life lessons to young children. I especially love that you can go to Miller's website and download free printables to go with her books.

Pibbin the Small by Gloria Repp I used to read Gloria Repp's chapter books when I was a kid, and I remember reading them over and over again. I'm delighted that Repp is now releasing books in the Kindle store and even occasionally promoting one for free. Her books also have black and white illustrations by artist Tim Davis.

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