Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Get Fit For the New Year - DVD Review #2 - Dance It Off!


Billy Blanks Jr: Dance Party Boot Camp

Get ready to sweat and have some high-octane fun with Billy Blanks Jr. Dance Party Boot Camp arriving on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand this holiday season from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Son of the famous Tae Bo creator, Billy Blanks Jr. brings his spin on fitness to your home where he will rev up your workout with the ultimate dance party. This 30-minute workout will supercharge your calorie burn with a non-stop mix of the hottest dance moves and boot camp conditioning. Available on December 4th for the suggested retail price of $14.98, Billy Blanks Jr. Dance Party Boot Camp is designed for all ages, shapes and sizes.  It’s the best time you’ll ever have losing weight!

Billy Blanks Jr. continues to build his brand as teacher and creator of the “Dance With Me” fitness classes available at 24 Hour Fitness and currently being rolled out worldwide. 

The 411 by Maria:

Thankfully I did this one after the Step Up Dance Workout video because I was feeling bad about myself.  As far as dance videos go I was completely able to keep up with this one. The moves while not complicated definitely get you moving and smiling. I am extremely uncoordinated and have difficulty picking up dance routines but could keep up with Bill Blanks Jr and the gang. So, if you can pick up basic moves you may feel that you need something more complicated than this. As for me, I could keep up but the moves weren't very fluid. However, this is probably the first dance workout DVD, I have been able to do. Most are usually way to complicated but the movements are slow and Billy's smile and laugh is contagious. 


Step Up Dance Workout

Burn mega calories with STEP UP REVOLUTION DANCE WORKOUT! A super-charged energizing and fun series of four dance workouts featuring moves from the hit movie Step Up Revolution. Learn the moves step by step before putting the entire routine together for an all-out performance to the actual songs from the movie. Once you've got it turn up the volume and shake your hips to Latin Groove and Latin Hip-Hop Fusion and get funky as you work it out to Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop Jam. From the living room to the dance floor these are moves that you can do anywhere - and no partner required! Hip-Hop Jam Sweat it out to a fusion of various dance styles from the movie for a heart-pumping cardio hip-hop workout. Latin Groove Spice up the dance floor with Salsa and Mambo-inspired moves that work your core hips and thighs. Latin Hip-Hop Fusion Featuring an energizing mix of Hip-Hop Afro-Cuban and Samba you'll work your entire body with arm and body combos and core- firming moves. Hip-Hop Get your heart pumpin' with this fun fusion of Hip-Hop and street dance that sculpts your core arms legs and butt. 

The 411 by Maria:

OK...well...this video is for the dancer in you. Great moves if you love dancing. I really wish I could do it because it looks really cool.  Loved watching but I could not pick up the basic moves at all. Plus, I felt that they expect you to know a little something about dancing. They do give you some direction but than you move right in and this uncoordinated individual could never keep up with this.  Part 2, the Latin Groove which was 21 minutes was the only part I could come close to getting. It was fun and sexy and I could see how you could get into great shape by doing this every day.

If you are someone who gets discouraged when you can't get the moves don't bother but if you love dancing and want a challenge go for it. Great dance moves taken from the movie Step Up Revolution.

Disclosure: I received complimentary DVD's for my honest opinion.

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