Saturday, August 27, 2011

Color Carnival #105

Happy Saturday everyone.  Hold onto your bloomers East Coast, it's going to be a crazy couple of hours.
The last few days we have been planning for this crazy storm. The kids are already enjoying the bunker (downstairs) while we have been preparing the deck item and the gazebo for the 80 mile an hour winds and massive about of rain we are expecting.

I hope everyone is ready and have prepared for the worst but praying for the best. Stay safe everyone.

The pictures from this week are beautiful and so needed for this crazy, hectic week.

Love the flowers, the summer toys and everything in between. Really cheerful photos! Keep up the good work everyone.


  1. I hope everything's alright now, keep yourself safe!

  2. Still hasn't reached us. Just rain for now. Still have power. We bunkered down in our family room figuring if something fell on the house, it would have to go through the roof and two floors before hitting us. The kids love it. Breakfast down here, TV down here, their beds down here. They are hoping for another night of family slumber. We are hoping for this to pass us so life can get back to normal.


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