Sunday, December 05, 2010

Guest Post - Sandra, Creater of Baby Bindle!

Back in November, I introduced you to Sandra, the creator of Baby Bindle. You can read that post here.

In a nutshell, Baby Bindle is a seat pack that attaches to your infant carrier. How many times have you put your keys, wallet and cellphone in the baby carrier while you run your baby into the store, post office or wherever really quickly?

Sandra came up with a pack that literally attaches to the carrier. Like this...

Recently I asked Sandra to write a guest post for Maria's Space. She sent it over today and I want to share it with you. So without further ado, I give you Sandra who has been on a whirlwind since she won a Huggies Mom Inspired Grant for the creation of Baby Bindle.

The inspiration for this blog post came from a recent interview I did with Maria Bailey from Mom Talk Radio and founder of MomTV (you can listen here). The fact that I am such a good example for my children came up. It got me to thinking…

Parents are the ones that need to inspire and be the 
Heroes…not the athletes and actors.

I am so very incredibly proud to be an inspiration for my children. “Go out there and be anything you want to be. Dream big, reach for the stars and don’t let anyone or anything stop you.” For my son who already has a solid male Hero and inspirational figure in his father, a military veteran and coach to the various activities a six year old does. To him, I have been his female Hero by setting an example of kindness and support. When asked in the past what my job was, I have always been proud to say I love being a mother, that is my “job”. It has given me an extra thrill lately to add “I am also an inventor and have my own company“.

For my daughter, I want her to see that becoming a mother does not mean your dreams are now suddenly put on hold. She can dream big, be who she wants to be and still have a family. I love being an inspiration for her future.

Our little town is blessed with an abundance of inspirational women. These women who, without realizing, everyday inspire me and those around them.

The moms who reluctantly leave their families to work outside of the home. A hard, but necessary choice they endure everyday.

Our very own Maria. A wife, mother, photographer, friend and blogger extraordinaire. Keeping up with all she does makes me feel like the roadrunner has come through the room. Beep…Beep (tee hee, thanks Sandra!)

We have the wife and mom who volunteers with Little League, Cub Scouts, the PTSA, she updates our town’s Facebook page, all while raising two children and attending all their activities as well.

The mother of two, who with a face book post rescued our town food pantry from closing. She was the change she wanted to see in the world.

My list can go on and on. This situation is not unique to our little town. Mothers all across the country and the world are everyday inspiring their children. Stand up ladies, be proud and next time someone asks what you do…proudly state “I am a mother, I inspire my children”


  1. Awww...thanks Sandra. You so didn't have to mention me but I really appreciate it. Beep Beep.

  2. What a nice post! And a really cool product.


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