Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday 9: Letting the Sparks Fly

1. Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity? I would surf the Internet. There are so many creative people out there. Bloggers and Etsy folks are an interesting and talented group with a wealth of ideas for creativity.

2. What would be one thing that would embarrass you a great deal? There is really nothing that embarrasses me. But, there was a time that I came out of the bathroom at work, walked past a room full of patients with my ankle long skirt stuffed into the back of my pantyhose. After that, I really wanted to go home for the day.

3. What values did your parents instill in you? That if you have nothing nice to say, you say nothing at all. They also taught me to give to others even if you have nothing for yourself.

4. What’s a fad of your teen years that you remember well? Wearing a big, fat colorful comb in my carpenter jean pocket.

5. What is your favorite breakfast? I love breakfast. My favorite is a "Clarissa special."

6. What is the best birthday gift that you have received? My laptop and my engagement ring.

7. What gadget could you not live without? My laptop, and my camera. I love them both.

8. Do you collect anything? I used to be a big collector. I collected horses, then snow globes, angels and now Willow Tree Figurines.

9. What website (non-blog) do you regularly visit? There is nothing I visit regularly. I visit Twitter and Facebook but not very regularly.

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  1. Anonymous4:20 PM

    I love my angels. I have a collection of angel figurines, pictures and puzzles. There is a store that I love and have to take you to one day. It is in Sugarloaf and the entire store is filled with angel parafinalia.


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