Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm Gonna Break That Wood!!

Tonight Handsome will graduate from white belt to high white in his Tao class. I am so excited for him to see what he has been working for all this time.

Last night his Master was telling the class what to expect on graduation night. She had their attention as she quietly explained everything they would be expected to do. Pulling out a piece of wood she explained what it was, and how they would break the board tomorrow night at graduation. The Dragons all looked excited as she presented a piece of practice Styrofoam for them to try out. They each hit it and it broke in the center. After each had a turn she held the board they would be expected to break tonight. Her hand was holding it in the middle and my son decided to hit the board. I missed the actual breaking but I heard her saying "that was great. You shouldn't have been able to break that because I was holding it in the middle and in order to break it we have to hold it on the edges". He apologized, and said "it was an accident." She told him it was OK and that now he knew what to do for tonight.

After class, she brought the wood over and told me how he shouldn't have been able to break the board.

I also found out that as they are breaking the board they will turn to the crowd and shout, "I'm going break that wood."

I can't wait to see how he does tonight. His father, Teach is coming with us tonight. It is supposed to be a zoo and extremely over crowded. I am sure he will be very proud of what our Handsome is doing.

I am proud of him for breaking his first board. We brought it home and will date it and hang it in his room.

Even if he doesn't continue Tao, I am proud of the work he has accomplished so far. Tao has helped his coordination so much and I highly recommend it. Besides his coordination and discipline he can now Korean. He has learned a lot of Korean actually but I don't know how to spell any of it. Damn it!

Pictures of graduation coming soon.


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  2. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Congratulations!!! I know you are a proud momma!!


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