Thursday, October 30, 2008

Product Review - Your Couture Kid

The verdict is out...everyone loves Your Couture Kid!

We received a Ponytail Holder from Your Couture Kid and everyone we see has commented on it. At school, at the grocery store, the post office, the bank. They all love it! Goddess loves it too, she spent the first 10 minutes asking me to take her picture as she pretended to smell the flower.

The ponytail holder is beautiful, colorful unique. Even the package the ponytail holder comes in is cute and swanky. It was so cute I didn't want to open it. You get a whole lot of swank for very few bucks. These are great stocking stuffers and because they are not made with ribbons, older girls who feel they are "aren't babies" anymore won't mind wearing them.

Check out their Hair tutus, so sweet.

Your Couture Kid doesn't just do the cutest pony tail holders and other hair accessories, you this is your one stop shopping for all your couture wee one needs.

Check out their Etsy Shop for more of their products. How cute are these foot stools?

They also have the most adorable pacifier clips. They are unique and swanky. No silly little plastic clip here. What I love the most about them is that there are a lot of boy themes. You don't find that too often.

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