Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ten On Tuesday - 10 Favorite Movie Characters

Want to play along, come over here.

Korben Dallas - The Fifth Element or Harry Stamper - Armegeddon - Because he is strong and kicks ass.

Maria - The Sound of Music - Because she chose love and she marched to her own drum.

Julian Mercer - Something's Gotta Give - Because he was hot, a doc and thought older women were hot.

Viktor Navorski - Terminal - Because he was sweet.

Seth - City of Angels - Because became a fallen angel for love.

Eliza Dolittle - My Fair Lady - Because she was gorgeous, had unbelievable clothes and got the rich guy.

Jack Taylor - One Fine Day - George Clooney! Need I say more?

Louis de Pointe du Lac - Interview with a Vampire - Because was haaaawwwwtttt! H-O-T!

Jack Dawson - Titanic - Because he was cute and gave up everything for the women he loved.

King Leonidas - 300 - Hello, ever see the movie. He was strong, serious, and holy buff Batman.


  1. A most excellent list! I had forgotten about "Terminal"--good selection.

  2. Good list!

    Jack Dawson was so darn cute!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving get well wishes for my friend!

  3. PJD-Danka. I appreciate u stopping by. Terminal WAS a great movie.

    Kim-UR welcome. Jack was the guy we all wish we could meet.

  4. that is a great list!

  5. King Leonidas ... on my list too ;0)

  6. Great list! ...and how could i forget King Leonidas?


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