Friday, January 25, 2008

Potty Training the Goddess

Disclaimer: This post is not a bible for potty training. I know nothing about how to train your kid let alone my own. Find what works for you and stick with it. I used 2 different approaches and feel like potty training was fairly easy for me. I know that is not the norm. We were just lucky. BTW…I am going to be using the word poop often.

When I was potty training Handsome, I kept a detailed record of it on my blog. There was a definite beginning and a definite end. Goddess training on the other hand, has been a totally different experience.

She started back around October 2006 on her own. She was 1.5 years old and wanted to sit on the potty. I took her out of the bathroom thinking she just wanted to sit on the potty but never took off her pj’s. We went back and forth about 4 times before I had a light-bulb moment. Maybe she really wants to SIT on the potty. I took of her pj’s and lo and behold she peed. Holy crap! ( I know I have this whole episode on my blog but I am not finding it).

Because she was so young I never asked her and just let her tell me when she had to go. It was great. I was certain she would train herself. That lasted about 2 months. She would go when she wanted but other times in her diaper. We carried around a fold up seat that I kept with me in a bag in my pocketbook and when she mentioned having to go while we were out (others homes, stores, libraries) we had something to use. She was going on the potty about 60% of the time. Not bad for a 2 year old.

Then in October I started to semi-train her as per my blog on October 22, 2007. She did well but I never really enforced it. She was going on her own so much that I figured we had this figured out.

Then her first poop post was back in November 2007. Yeah that was an interesting day. She totally tricked me by putting her poop in the bowl with her hand and claiming that she had gone potty.

Fast forward to the present….

She has been peeing on the potty so long that it almost seems like she was born knowing how to do this. She will be 3 in April and hasn’t had an accident during the day or at night for about 3 weeks.

I am shocked.

Last Saturday, I stopped the diapers completely. No day or night diapers! I can’t believe the amount of money I will be saving. I think I should put that amount in her savings. I am going to figure that out tonight when I have some more time.

Monday was the first time we headed out of the house for the whole day without diapers. She went on the potty the whole time at my sisters. No accidents on the 2 hours drive there or back and when we got home she pooped on the potty. It was the first time and I was ready to celebrate.

We called her Godmother and she spoke on the phone about what she had done. An hour later she pooped in her pants. I was shocked. She only goes once a day! What the hell was this about?

I told her how disappointed I was and asked if she would go on the potty next time. She said “yes.”

Tuesday, she didn’t go at all.

Wednesday, she asked for a book and I left the bathroom and told her to call me when she was done. I didn’t expect much and wasn’t confident that she would go.

She ran out naked saying that she had gone poop. “I did a big poop! Come see.”

I got up expect a pile of her dirty underwear and pants on the floor.

She stood over the potty and pointed. There it was!

I dropped to my knees and hugged her telling her how proud I was. She was so proud of herself and we hugged for a long time as she said, “I did it!”

Yesterday (Thursday) she said, she had to go potty. We headed in there and I asked if she wanted a book. She said, “Yes, I want a wittle kitty book and my Dora book.”
I handed them to her and left telling her to call me when she was done. I again didn’t expect a miracle but I was hopeful.

She came running out again naked and told me to come see.

Side note: I love watching her run naked. Her little, perfect butt cracks me up every time.

As I walked in, I saw her concentrating and then she said, “Oh, I have another. Will you read to me?”

I went over a book with pictures pointing and asking questions, which she answered appropriately.

When she was done she asked to be wiped. I told her I was so proud of her and that she was almost ready for school.

She really wants to go to school with her brother so I have been telling her that they don’t take little girls in diapers. I guess I am going to have to change it to they don’t take little girls who can’t wipe themselves.

While I am not expecting there not to be accidents or for her to forget, but now that we have poop under our belt so to speak I say we are pretty much on our way. Yippy!

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