Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The News Disturbs Me

There have been so many disturbing stories in the news in the last few days I am going to have to cleanse my eyes and ears for a few days. No News For Me until next week!!! I am burnt out.
Between fathers throwing babies off bridges, pregnant Marines being burned beyond recoginition, a father sodomizing his stepson for sodomizing his 8 year old daughter , a man .killing his wife and kids and mothers putting their kids in the oven as punishment why are we so concerned with the news that Miley Cyrus used a body double during a costume change?
Imagine Miley Cyrus uses a body double during a 1-2 minute portion of her concert and people are in an up roar *gasp.* If you want to check out this story go here .
Give me a break people…the girl is the biggest ticket of the year. Should she let her audience mostly 5-10 year olds wait while she has a costume change? Other bands can give us a stellar drum solo while the singer drinks some water and sponges off what should she have done to get ready for the next part of her concert which was changing from Hannah to Miley. Hey people if you don’t know what I’m talking about you don’t have a little one in your house. Google Hannah Montana, watch the Disney channel and educate yourself in the newest tiny bopper this side of the mason dixie.

I guess with Nicole Richie and Christina Aguiler giving birth and Britney in the hospital it is time to pass the baton to the next teen sensation.

I say give Miley a break she is just a kid and I have high hopes for her.
Now I am not sure what happened to this post. I started writing it after hearing about the father who sodomized his stepson and now I am supporting Miley. Go figure.

She is a great role model for young girls who will like her because she is cool but parents can stand behind her because she sings about hanging with your girlfriends, being true to yourself, respecting yourself and not taking scraps from boys when you know you deserve more.

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