Thursday, March 15, 2007

Child Chatter

Idea stolen from the beautiful and talented Holli

Driving back from the supermarket on Sunday I caught my son's eyes in the rear view mirror.

Son - You smiling Mom?

Me - Yes, baby! I am smiling.

Son - We have fun times Mommy.

Me - (Heart swelling out of my chest) Yes, sweetie, we DO have fun times.

Changing my son's diaper this morning...

Son - Change my diaper?

Me - Ok, lie down

Son - I've got a big butt

Me - No honey, you have a little butt. Where do you get this stuff from?

Son - You've got a big butt mommy?

Me - (inside my head; "You've got that straight!") No honey. We don't go around telling people they have big butts.

Son - You have a small butt mommy?

Me - Yup, honey I do but we don't go around talking about people's butts. Ok?

Driving my son to school this morning, I listened to him talk with his sister. He says words and then she says the same word back.

Son - Lake

Baby girl - Wake

Son- Cat-eh-pill-ah

Baby girl - catefiler

Son - Sun

Baby girl - Sun

Son- Dog

Baby girl - Dog

Son - Cow

Baby girl - Cow, moo moo

Son - Very good, well done. Awesome job. You are a big boy

Me - Very nice. Thanks for being so encouraging but she is a girl

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