Wednesday, March 07, 2007

50 Random Questions

1. What Curse Word Do You Use The Most? Fuck! There I said it. Fuck, fuck, fuck...I love that word.

2. Do You Own An iPod? Nope

3. What Person On Your Top 8 Do You Talk To The Most? Susan

4. What Time Is Your Alarm Clock Set To? Clock? I have toddlers who needs a friggin clock?

5. Do You Want To Fall In Love? Ok?!

6. Do You Wear Flip-Flops When It's Cold? Yup but not outside duh!

7. Would You Rather Take The Picture Or Be In The Picture? I love taking pictures but I also would love to once in a while be in a picture not just on self timer.

8. What Was The Last Movie You Watched? Some sucky movie called Stay Alive.

9. Do Any Of Your Friends Have Children? Most of them

10. Has Anyone Ever Called You Lazy? Nope

11. Do You Ever Take Medication To Help You Fall Asleep? Nope....I have 2 kids who never let me sleep but I would never take something that would help me sleep. I am jealous of those Lunesta commercials. Everyone looks so damn comfy.

12. What CD is currently in your c.d. player? Melissa Etheridge Greatest Hits.

13. Do You Prefer Regular Or Chocolate Milk? Either; regular is great. I love chocolate too.

14. Has anyone told you a secret this week? It sounds so juvenille but yes.

15. When Was The Last Time You Had Starbucks? Last week. Love me some Starbucks

16. Can You Whistle? Nope


18. Do You Think People Talk About You Behind Your Back? Nope..but if they did I could care less. I spent years worrying about what people think of me.

19. Did you ever watch cartoons as a child? Yup.

20. What Movie Do You Know Every Line to? I don't think there is a movie I know every line to. I know every line to every Wiggle video tape we own but not a movie. I know tons of lines from History of the World and Young Frankenstein though.

21. Have You Ever Done The Dirty In A Field? Nope

23. Do You Own Any Band T-Shirts? Yup.

24. What Is Your Favorite Salad Dressing? I like oil and vinegar

25. Is Anyone In Love With You? I hope my husband is but I know my kids are

26. Do You Do Your Own Dishes? Ain't no one else going to.

27. Ever Cry In Public? Yup.

28. Are You On A Desktop Computer Or A Laptop? Laptop

29. Are You Currently Wanting Any Piercing Or Tattoos? Nope

30. What’s The Weather Like? It's bloody cold mate.

31. Would You Ever Date Anyone Covered In Tattoos? Yummy. I totally am into tats and piercings

32. What Did You Do Before This? Feed the natives

33. When Was The Last Time You Slept On The Floor? this something people do often?

34. How Many Hours Of Sleep Do You Need To Function? Don't know since I haven't functioned or slept since having my kids. I get about 3-6 broken hours of sleep a night.

35. Do You Eat Breakfast Daily? Yes, it's my favorite meal

36. Are Your Days Full And Fast Paced? Yup, except today I was leisurely lazy

37. Do You Pay Attention To The Calories In The Package/Box? Sometimes

38. Do You Use Sarcasm? Sometimes because it never works for me. People take me too seriously my delivery must suck or something

40. Are You Picky About Spelling And Grammar? More than I deserve to be

41. Have You Ever Been To Six Flags? Great Adventure? Sure

43. Do You Get Along Better With The Same Sex Or The Opposite? Either.

44. Do You Like Mustard? Yes

45. Do You Sleep On Your Side, Stomach Or Back? Used to be my back. Now I am nursing or hugging a toddler so I sleep however I get it.

46. Do You Watch The News? Nightly

47. How Did You Get One Of Your Scars? Removal of a precancerous problem

48. Who Was The Last Person To Make You Mad? My husband

49. Do You Like Anybody?

50. What Is The Last Thing You Purchased?


  1. Anonymous8:30 PM

    How come I made #48 but not #49 :( mood: sad

  2. Oh sorry...not sure why I missed 49 and 50 in a 50 Random Question post.

    49. Everybody
    50. Diapers (sexy, I know)

  3. Anonymous3:15 PM

    50. Diapers? for yourself?

  4. No, for you babe. I got them for you for your birthday!


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