Saturday, June 29, 2024

If There Is Ever Apocalypse The Only Survivors Will Be Over 40

This week I listened to two younger co-workers (22 year old and 31 year old) talk and realized that if there is ever an apocalypse only those over 40 will survive. 

Their power had gone out the night before at 9 PM and it was in the 8th hour losing their minds about what to do. 

The big question was what do you do if your power goes out and you need to wake for work the next day. Oh no....girls...I have lost power for 9 days and got myself to work on time, my kids and self fed, as well as kept them entertained and happy. 

I did inform them that they had just written my post and that if there was ever an apocalypse they should just throw up their hands knowing that they would not survive. 

My suggestion to them was to PREPARE for emergencies NOT on the day of the emergency but way before it knowing that there will always be something unexpected that they should be ready for. That life is hard and the unexpected make things harder but manageable if you are prepared!

How To Prepare for An Emergency!

Keep your phone and watch charged! ALWAYS but if the grid goes down have a back up plan.

Have a to go bag. This bag should have copies of important information like insurance cards for yourself, your house and your car. It should have important phone numbers because you may not know them by heart because we have been programmed to press a button on our phone to call others so none of us remember numbers anymore. Medical kit, solar charger, change of clothes, flashlight, water, knife, and any medications you may need. This bag should be near your door or in a place you can instantly grab it.

Rescue Emergency Bag

Survival Bag

You should have water for everyone in the family including your pets. That would be a gallon a day and you should have at least a 3-5 day supply.

Tent the size of a soda can

One of the best solar power banks ever. My family all have one of these. We leave it on the window sills so they are always charged and ready. It can charge two things at once and has long life. It even has a flashlight on it!

Crank radio, solar bank and flashlight all in one.

For my co-workers who just don't know what to do without their power, get a back up clock with alarm. Yeah good old school thing that works when nothing else does. It's under $8 and will help you keep your job!


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