Sunday, April 16, 2023

Sedan vs. SUV for Accident Safety

With two kids coming upon driving age we talk about vehicles for them constantly. When purchasing a vehicle, you need to consider that if an accident were to occur while driving, would the car keep you safe. It is not a fun thought to think about when shopping for a new vehicle, but it is necessary. When choosing a vehicle, you may debate whether an SUV or a sedan would be the best option for you and your family. Knowing and understanding which would be safer in an accident may help make your decision.  

Is an SUV Safer than a Sedan in an Accident?

Just because an SUV is larger than a sedan, does that make it safer in an accident? As you look at a new Chevrolet for sale and consider which vehicle would be best, it would help to look up the crash-test ratings of each vehicle, as this will give you some valuable information. Although, this does not guarantee one is a hundred percent safer than the other. For instance, a front-crash score will show the crash results of hitting a vehicle roughly the same size.

The laws of physics show that the smaller vehicle receives the brunt of the impact when a larger vehicle is also involved. There are also many who choose an SUV because being higher off the ground makes them feel safer. 

What About Rollover Accidents?

No accident is the same. For example, in a rollover accident, you may wish you were in a sedan rather than an SUV. When you drive an SUV, you are more likely to roll over in an accident than if you were in a sedan, and you also have a higher chance of survival in a sedan than an SUV in a rollover. This is because their higher center of gravity makes it more likely for them to roll over, and when they do, it can be potentially fatal.

Safety Features to Look Into

If you choose to purchase an SUV over a sedan, the thing to consider when choosing a safe vehicle is seeing what features they offer for accident safety. That includes what airbag systems they have and any other crash response features they have that can provide help and emergency assistance to you quickly whenever a collision does occur. 

Some sedans and SUVs too have safety features that help limit the chances of a collision from happening in the first place. That might include blind-spot systems, automatic braking, and a traction control system. That way, you will be driving a vehicle that is more likely to keep you and your family safe in a crash and help prevent an accident from happening altogether.

Find a Safe Sedan or SUV for Your Travels

In the end, there are many sedans and SUVs that are ready to provide you with safe travels each day. To find the one you want to take out on the roads, consider the safety features they have and their crash-test ratings. 

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