Sunday, March 05, 2023

Family Movie Night Has Never Been So Yummy With These Movie Inspired Snack Boards

Celebrate your favorite films with delicious cheese boards, creative charcuterie platters, and movie-themed snack recipes in this punny and tasty cookbook.

Introducing Once Upon a Rind in Hollywood: 50 Movie- Themed Cheese Platters and Snack Boards for Film Fanatics by editors of Ulysses Press, with food ideas and photographs by Rachel Riederman [ISBN: 9781646044092; $19.95; Ulysses Press; February 2023]. This unique full- color cookbook stars 50 different snack board ideas, from timeless cheese boards and charcuterie to candy platters and cocktail pairings, all themed around iconic movies.

Whether you’re streaming an AFI classic or classically bad movie, munchies are a must-have. With gorgeous flat-lay photography for every movie-themed board, Once Upon a Rind in Hollywood outlines everything you need to create cheesy cinematic pairings (and even cheesier puns) like:

• May the Fromage Be with You (Star Wars)

• Draw Me Like One of Your French Gruyères (Titanic)

• I’ll Harvarti What She’s Having (When Harry Met Sally)

• Here’s Looking at You, Curd (Casablanca)

• Brie-king Dawn (Twilight)

• Roquefort Horror Picture Show (Rocky Horror Picture

Show), and many more!

“If you love movies and you love cheese, this is the book for you,” says photographer and recipe developer Rachel Riederman. “As you settle in to watch your favorite film, don’t merely serve popcorn, but rather a perfect selection of cheeses, meats, candies, and snacks, all perfectly paired to complement whatever 90- to 180-minute adventure you’re about to embark on.”

What goes better with a Lord of the Rings marathon than a “second breakfast”–inspired spread? Can you even watch Monty Python without shrubbery crudités nearby? Why not a Twilight rewatch with a selection of apple slices and salami rosettes.

The 411:

I love this book so much and cannot wait to go shopping for our own movie inspired snack board. The hardest part is picking a movie that four of us want to watch. I am looking into The Lord Of The Rings because I think the movie has something for all of us but truly I would love to do a Sound Of Music board based on the photo in the cookbook. 

There is a photo for each board for each movie idea as well as information about the movie, how many it will serve, the ingredients, assorted accompaniments and how to set up the board. For instance Nobody Puts Babybel In The Corner is obviously based on Dirty Dancing which came out in 1987. The board is inspired by a bagel brunch at Kellerman’s Resort which is a real place that was featured in the movie.

The Twilight Saga: Brie-King Dawn pairs apple and flower imagery by making rosettes out of salami and using apples and since the Cullen family were cooking “Italiano” for Bella the board has many Italian elements like Crostini, breadsticks, Biscotti, and more.

Anyone who loves to eat while watching a movie will definitely love this book! My dream would be just setting up a movie night every weekend and working your way through the book. 

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