Sunday, November 27, 2022

Christmas Movie Weekend Started With Sappy Holiday

FilmRise Presents Christmas Titles from Nicely Entertainment – SAPPY HOLIDAY and THE SNOWBALL EFFECT

 On Demand Starting November 25th 

 It’s never too early to start planning your Christmas movie queue, right? FilmRise is happy to announce two new family friendly titles to put on your holiday films watchlist from Nicely Entertainment, SAPPY HOLIDAY and THE SNOWBALL EFFECT.  Both are available on demand starting November 25th. Both titles will be available to purchase/rent via Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Microsoft Movies and YouTube.

Sappy Holiday Trailer

SAPPY HOLIDAY follows a hard-working but uninspired sous chef who accidentally discovers that her boyfriend is going to propose to her on Christmas Eve. She begins to doubt their future together; especially when a handsome farmer rescues her from a snowstorm.

I adore Christmas movies. Usually I watch before the family wakes or like this weekend when the kids are busy with their own friends and not looking to watch TV with me. The sappier the movie, the better and Sappy Holiday is sappy. It’s about a woman names Joy who gets stranded at a struggling Maple Syrup farm.  Before this she was sure she knew what she wanted until life gave her a little derailment in the form of an icy road.  

Sappy Holiday doesn’t change the recipe for a good holiday movie. Lonely person (working too hard) meets another family who seem to have it all (massive farm house) only to find that everyone has their own struggle. Figures out everyone else’s life while still unsure of their own, leaves for that “before” life only to find out that they miss the new life they found. 

I loved it! The characters are likable, no one hurts anyone to get what they want or need and in the end, ugly cry. Yeah! I did. It was a second but it happened. Judge me! I’m fine with that.

After dinner, The Snow Ball Effect unless my daughter wants to watch something else. I will take time with her over my movies.

 The Snow Ball Effect Trailer

THE SNOWBALL EFFECT finds two rival meteorologists Tara and Sam with the opportunity to move up to the big leagues, but first they have to beat an impending blizzard to the city for an interview. Instead, they get stuck in the village of ‘Mistletoe’ where the holidays are no longer celebrated.

Prep the hot chocolate, put on your Snuggies and grab some warm cookies, it's the holiday movie season!


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