Friday, September 30, 2022


This year I am doing older 3s after doing the 2 year old class for 6 years. It is a big difference but not. Fortunately my first class was mine just a few months ago when they were in my 2 year room so it was nice to have them back and do something new!

I am excited about the change of room and the new abilities my class comes to me with. 5-6 months makes a big difference when we are talking toddlers so I cannot wait to see where we are in the next few months.

Two weeks ago I made them a sensory bin for Autumn using mostly Dollar Tree items. 

My daughter and I grabbed some mini soft pumpkins, plastic acorns, mini hay bales, and leaves  dumped them into a big Tupperware and wah la instant sensory bin.

I had purchased 2 bales of hay but it is so much in the one that I only opened one. this is:

1 bale of hay

2 packs of plastic acorns

2 different bags of fake leaves

a bag of wooden letters I had from a sign

The kids love it. They look for the letters and the acorns then hide it all again for another friend to find. They ask for it every day.

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