Saturday, July 09, 2022

Drink! Drink! Pee! Pee! You Don't Want A Damn IV!

Ever since I did the AVON 3 Day Walk I chant Drink! Drink! Pee! Pee! You Don't Want A Damn IV when I am thirsty. It was what we chanted every time we got to a resting area during the walk. Hydration is key to good health and one of the most important things to do for your body and mind. It is good for your organs, your skin and YOU!

Since I have a constant, chronic nasal drip, I am always thirsty. It is an annoyance and without water I struggle with dry mouth. Water is something I never leave the house without until I was sent my newest addition ¡CACTUS! Organic Cactus Water.  

Founded by Napa Valley-based farmer Sarita Lopez, ¡CACTUS! Organic Cactus Water was launched after Sarita began personally experiencing some of the health benefits of juicing with the cactus leaves that grew on her family farm.  Sarita set out on a mission to get more people to experience the hydration benefits of cactus paddles and soon ¡CACTUS! Organic Cactus Water was conceived.  

After much experimenting with the recipe, Sarita produced a refreshing low-calorie drink full of electrolytes and Vitamin C in lime, watermelon and papaya flavors.  ¡CACTUS! is an ideal hydrator for runners and people who do cardio and an excellent.

I have tried the watermelon and the lime. They are delicious! 

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