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Desirable Gifts To Take To A Baby Shower





When your best friend or family member is pregnant, it is an exciting time. If you have been invited to the baby shower, it can be a bit tricky to know which gifts to bring, especially if you have never attended one before or don't have kids. What do new parents want? 

Parents to be can never have enough baby clothes and bibs. Rest assured, the baby will have enough cuddly toys. However, you may want to get them something different that they will need. Here is a brief list of what you could give at a baby shower that will be useful. 

Breast pads

It may seem unusual, but any mother-to-be will thank you for gifting her breast pads. Even if she doesn't intend to breastfeed her baby. 

You can get disposable breast pads at any pharmacy, but why not opt for reusable ones? There are many options online made from cotton and bamboo. These options often reduce the likelihood of developing fungal issues. They allow the breast to breathe while also being hygienic. 


Who doesn't love a baby swaddle? They are timeless, functional, and look adorable! These cute baby swaddles will make any parent-to-be coo. While also offering a practical solution for those first few months. 

Look to get a swaddle that is light in color and made from natural material. Once again, cotton and bamboo are your friends here. They are both easy to wash and are reusable as the baby grows.

Room thermometer

Babies cannot regulate their body temperature. So, they almost need a climate-controlled environment to help them sleep and grow. 

There are many room thermometers online that can be a great gift at a baby shower. Many of them can indicate to parents in an instant if the room is too hot or too cold. This is a practical and easy to give gift, that is likely to be accepted with much thanks from parents-to-be.


There are many baby-based toiletry brands online, so it can be tough to choose which item is a must-have. The best option is to get a lotion or cream that is suitable for both mom-to-be and newborns

Be sure to get toiletries with a mild scent, preferable hypoallergenic and water-based. Steer clear of anything that is brightly colored or scented. It may also be worth looking for moisturizers that have aloe vera and cocoa butter in them. These can soothe aching muscles and are great for reducing dry skin naturally. They also smell divine, so they will go down a treat.

Pregnancy pillows

Who said the gift at the baby shower has to be solely for the baby? There are great present ideas for moms-to-be to enjoy  as well.  

In the later months of pregnancy, moms-to-be can find it tough to sleep. So, to earn best friend status in an instant, why not opt for a pregnancy pillow

This will support the growing bump throughout the later stages of pregnancy. All while helping the mom-to-be get some much-needed rest. Pregnancy pillows can also support aching legs and boobs too. Great for every stage of pregnancy and postnatal. 

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