Monday, December 27, 2021

I Hope You All Had An Amazing Christmas

Christmas has changed now that the kids are older. In some ways it is better and in other ways so sad. I miss the kids being small and excited about Christmas morning. 

Fortunately as a preschool teacher of toddlers I get to experience the excitement of kids just learning about the holiday. Which is fun too but seeing Christmas through a child’s eye is special. 

There are fewer gifts than the past but the kids know and understand about needs and wants and are respectful. Nothing they asked for was impossible so they got many of the things they wanted. 

My favorite part of the morning was the quest my husband created for my daughter. He had her open a box which contained a burnt scroll with a map. She had to follow the map to a “pot of silver” an ice cube holder under blue lights which contained another scroll with a map where she had to open a floor vent for her package. I love that he did it all on his own! He never does any thing for Christmas except get my gifts! 

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