Sunday, December 13, 2020

TP Our Hero by Roxy Morgan Illustrations by Laura Winslow

TP Our Hero

by Roxy Morgan

Illustrated by Laura Winslow

A simple and ordinary life becomes an extraordinary one when TP finds himself in a dangerous situation. Who would think a roll of toilet paper could be so brave? Join TP on his adventures as he escapes the bathroom shelf and ends up center stage as an unlikely hero.

We can all agree that toilet paper is important. You can check the stores shelves and realize it Is one absolutely what every family worried about or stocked up on during the start of COViD19. Well, Roxy Morgan knows there is way more to Toilet Paper than being our best friend in the bathroom he can also save lives. This is an adorable tale of everyone’s hero! 

Poor TP didn’t have a name he was on the shelf hut no one ever grabbed for him they just took whatever roll on on the first shelf. Sooo he decides to leave. 

Out in the world he enjoys the sights and smells until he is chased by two boys than someone tries to grab him to wipe a child’s nose so he quickly headed into town and orders a big meal which made him expand. He heads into a supermarket and gets placed on a shelf! He is so sad but suddenly he smells smoke and throws himself at a fire alarm helping everyone escape the fire. 

Everyone knows who the real hero is now TP sits on a shelf in the firehouse.

Cute, silly and original story that will make kids wonder why they never saw how heroic TP was before. 

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