Sunday, December 13, 2020

Endless Games’ Expansion Now Includes Puzzles


Endless Games has announced the early launch of two new jigsaw puzzles to its product line.

“We had already planned an expansion of new puzzles for 2021, but when we saw the tremendous increase in demand, we quickly moved to make sure that we could provide our new puzzles for families to enjoy this year,” Mike Gasser, President of Endless Games, explained.

This Spring, Endless Games saw complete sell-out sales on its 1000-piece Playbill Broadway Cover collage puzzle and a blast of quick sales on the new product launch of The Korner’d Challenge, a game that is also a puzzle. “Playbill has traditionally been a good seller for Endless Games, but with the stay-at-home health and safety conditions, families turned to jigsaw puzzles, as well as our board games, for some quality family entertainment,” Brian Turtle, National Sales Manager of Endless Games, said. “We were fortunate that our inventory was able to be a resource for affordable, fun-at-home options.”

The new puzzles, The Patriot and Peace on Earth are 1000-piece nature graphic scenes by artist Malcolm Watson. They will join Playbill and The Korner’d Challenge in Endless Games expanding puzzle category.

Kevin McNulty, Vice President of Sales of Endless Games, added, “Our line now has some great new puzzles as well as some of the most incredible, original board games and card games. While holiday shopping this year, families can roll the dice on some cool new board games and challenge their skills with new puzzles too.”

My daughter and I love doing puzzles together but have to say this was a challenge in fact, we are still working on it. It shocks us since we usually do 1,000 to 5,000 piece puzzles but that just means we will be spending more time together which I am always happy about.

When we do a puzzle, we like most start with all edges and once we get the border done, work on large inside sections until we are done. So far, we have not completed the outside and. moved onto large sections hoping to get more of the outside as we move along. As I mentiond this is a challenge. My puzzle loving co-worker asked for it when we are done because she wants the challenge and to beat our time which is already two weeks. UnHeard Of!

To Purchase Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion.

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