Sunday, December 13, 2020

The Adventures Of Grandmasaurus by Caroline Fernandez


The Adventures of Grandmasaurus by Caroline Fernandez Illustrations by Shannon O’Toole

Half Grandma Half Dinosaur All Mischief!!

“Grandma keeps running off doing funny business. On a field trip! And if she doesn't stop, we'll miss the school bus.”

All we want to do is have a simple, no shenanigans, fun day at the museum. But when magic museum dust makes Grandma start sneezing, we know we're in for a wild time.

With each sneeze, Grandma turns into a different dinosaur and takes off. It's up to me and Moonie to track her down and keep her from making a mess of the museum - before we miss the bus home!"

There is a world of adventure searching for and identifying Grandmasaurus. This intergenerational tale also shows kids know best when it comes to proper behaviour at the museum!

The 411:

What a wonderful way to introduce many different dinosaurs to children. I have been in preschool for almost 6 years with ages 2-3 year olds and every class has always loved Dinosaurs. They loved this book too. 

Grandma is joining her grandson on a class trip to a museum and immediately gets magical museum dust up her nose and suddenly changes into a dinosaur. Every time she sneezes she changes into another dinosaur.

So much fun. Adorable and smart! Loved it. 

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary book for my honest opinion.  No monetary compensation was offered.

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