Monday, December 28, 2020

How To Land Your First Gig

There are many musicians who hope to make it big. Success starts with landing your first gig. It's not always easy to do, but with dedication to your art and the help of others, you can find places that are likely to give your band a shot.

Support Local Scene

The big-name artists that John Branca represents started by getting to know their local music scene well. Before you ask for support for your own music, you need to offer support. Attend every performance you can, and make a point to meet the members of the band afterward. Give the attention you hope your music will get someday.

Collaborate With Other Artists

Getting to know other musicians in your area comes with certain perks. They may start inviting you to parties or jam sessions where you get to showcase your own skills. They may need an opening act for a booked show when someone cancels at the last minute. Attorney John Brancaadvises that continuing to cultivate relationships in the industry can be your key to success.

Record a Demo

Before they hire you to play on their stage, most venue representatives are going to want to hear how you sound. This is why it's important to have a demo ready to go. Make sure it is accessible in a digital format rather than just handing them a CD that they have to keep up with. As an added bonus, you can upload your demo on Bandcamp or some other streaming service, which not only gives you an internet presence but also makes it possible to start generating income.

Look for Opportunities

The first time you play in public is probably not going to be in front of a large crowd in your city's biggest venue. It's more likely going to be an open mic night in which you swallow your nerves so that you can get through the song you planned before the next hopeful artist gets to the stage. Don't discredit these experiences. Whether you are playing for hundreds of people or just a few fervent fans, every performance counts. It teaches you how to relate to the audience and may even make you a better musician. You never know which event will spark the interest of someone in the industry who wants to invest in your success.

When you are a new musician, getting the first gig may seem like a pipe dream. With hard work and dedication, though, you can make it happen.

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