Monday, June 25, 2018

Gratitude Journaling - 5 Things I Am Grateful For Today 6/25/18

I am off for the summer but I stopped by to see my preschool class today. Some of moved up but the ones who were still there were excited to see me. I love hearing Hi Miss Maria. One of my students parents gave me the cutest gift to say good-bye. In a pink gift bag there was an adorable photo of her and a card oh and a Target gift card. I love my students but some I have actual love as if they were my own. It is the best job for my heart and I love that I get to hold and love little ones all day.

Making plans with a friend who I don't get to see much while school is in session. I am so excited to hang out with her and her daughter on Thursday. Friends are so important in life.

Being able to spend the Summer with my kids. I am very fortunate. My job is perfect for this reason. They don't need as much staff during the Summer and while it will be tight my years with my kids are coming to an end. They are getting older and eventually boyfriends, girlfriends, jobs and college will get in the way.

Having time this morning to head to the gym. I was there for 45 minutes and did spin, row, arms and legs. I cannot wait to go back. Hopefully I can get 3-4 mornings a week in now that summer is here.

The glorious weather we had today. It was truly incredible. I loved turning off the central air and opening the windows for the fresh breeze to come through today. It was a perfect day.

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