Saturday, May 12, 2018

Make Your Deck Look and Function Great!

The Problems With A Deck

Come summertime, one of the areas of your home that starts to see high traffic is the deck area. They're wonderful locations where family members can reconnect, and you can stage entertaining barbecues or parties for your friends and neighbors. However, when it comes to deck maintenance, sometimes it's easier just to turn a blind eye. This can be a dangerous choice, however, as decks that are not properly maintained throughout the year often collapse. As you might imagine, this can potentially cause a lot of harm to someone, not to mention, it might damage parts of your home. The primary attack for wear and tear that decks see is from the elements of the weather. Rain can pool on decks that have not been properly built with drainage systems. As a result, this water can weaken the wood and support beams, and the next thing you know, there's no more deck.  

A New Drain System

Whether you're about to install a deck or you're looking at re-doing one, you may want to consider installing versadjust pedestals under your deck. What do they do? Well, essentially a drainage system is built into place underneath the deck that allows water to trickle through the spaces of the top of the deck, which is primarily either tile or wood, dependent upon the customer's wishes of their deck appearance. The water trickles through the spaces and runs down the drainage system away from the house. Not only does this mean goodbye to water pooling on the deck, but it also means there's less wear and tear on the surface of your deck. So, those deck repairs? You'll be seeing a lot less of them.

Elevated Deck Systems is a company who specializes in this form of raised deck and drainage system. Regardless of if your deck is sloped or not, they can help you install the pedestals, so your deck will last for years and look amazing, too. Enjoy your deck again without worry of collapse!

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