Sunday, February 11, 2018

Photo Challenge - Playing Catch Up January 29 - Feb 10th

January 29th - UGH...sick

January 30th - Still sick

January 31st - Sick!!!

February 1st - The house is sick

February 2nd - We are getting better

February 3rd -  Ahhh back to life and taking photos and video for a coffee review. COMING SOON! Favorite coffee ever.

 February 4th - My new favorite scents. See my review here

February 5th - There has to be a post of Luna. I take hundreds of photos of her monthly.

February 6th - Using my new Hamilton Beach Juicer (orange, ginger, carrot, lemon)

February 7th - My newest read. Jonah sunk all his money into his first house and finds out the first owner died there. Only on Chapter 2 and completely entertained. Very well written and extremely witty! I cannot wait to find out where this is going. #roommatefromhell. #ghostbully

February 8th - Home sick yet again. This time it is an eye infection. The tear duct will not drain. I should have taken a photo of that. It is gross. My husband was sweet enough to take me to doctor so now I am on meds. The photo is boring but the product is not. It is an electric toothbrush that I ordered from Amazon for my daughter. It is amazing. Took this photo for my review. Do  you review everything you get on Amazon? I try to. Great price and I love that it has a timer on it. She is brushing for 2 minutes now which is what her dentist told her to do. To Order

February 9th - My crazy daughter loves Snapchat.

February 10th - A new kitten at the shelter and my daughter. Look at that little wittle face.

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