Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Eric Lefkofsky Joins Forces With CancerLinQ and Precision HealthAI To Provide Better Analytics For Patient Data

Tempus is a company that has made remarkable improvements in the way information is stored for patients who are diagnosed with cancer. Recently, the company took it a step further by entering into an agreement with CancerLinQ and Precision HealthAI. The deal was so that Tempus can help these two companies in their ventures and so that they could have better databases for the patients who are being treated under their care. CancerLinQ for one has an extremely large database of patients, which spans over a million different records. The technology that Tempus is providing them will enable them to better store and use the patient data that they have. This new form of database management will also help CancerLinQ improve the efficiency of the work that they do, enabling them to provide better care to the patients who come to them. 

Eric Lefkofsky, the founder and current CEO of Tempus came forward to talk about the recent agreement that has gone on between the companies. By merging the work that CancerLinQ, Tempus and Health AI do, they can analyze and process information in a better manner, which could help them, not just with the current patients, but with the patients who come to them in the future as well. In addition, the information can be used to assist researchers and healthcare companies in identifying the patterns in patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, so that they can provide a better course of treatments to them in the future. The progress that the companies together are making is massive and is allowing researchers to get access to large pools of information that is accurate and prevalent.

Eric Lefkofsky founded Tempus in 2012 after seeing that the scope of development that could take place in the medical field. This revelation incurred upon him after he saw the treatment of a close one when they were diagnosed with cancer. He realized that the patient information was not being stored in the right way, which was preventing it from being analyzed in an efficient way. Having an ample amount of experience in the sector of information technology, he soon realized the steps that he could take to be able to bring about change and refine the systems which at the time were being used. His efforts led to the formation of Tempus, which was a company that offered database and analytical solutions to healthcare providers and hospitals across the country who were treating patients with cancer. 

Eric Lefkofsky never did have any plans to enter into the sector of healthcare but decided that it was the ideal next step for him to take in his career. He has previously worked at large companies in the field of information technology, but never anything in the field of healthcare and patient analytics. 

The technology that Eric Lefkofsky has provided has been able to transform the way that doctors treat patients who are diagnosed with cancer. Moreover, doctors are now able to identify various aspects of a patients files and backgrounds a lot faster than what they previously did. The change that he has brought about has been massive and has pushed the medical industry to a more technological future. 

Eric Lefkofsky has a degree from the University of Michigan and now resides in Chicago, which he calls his home. In addition to running Tempus, he is also the founder of his charitable organization known as the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. He stated this foundation along with his wife, and together the two of them have been able to extend a helping hand to people all over the country.

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