Tuesday, July 25, 2017

We Are Having A Swimmingly Good Time This Summer

This summer I decided instead of going on a long weekend vacation we should put our money into something that would last longer. I joined a spa. It cost way less than a vacation and we got it for 14 months and can go 7 days a week if we want.

The spa has three pools and we are loving life. It feels wrong to be enjoying myself while my husband works all day but we would be sitting home looking for things to do through the summer and he would still be working so may as well do it pool side. He has to work right?! It is not like we won the lottery or anything!

I finally have been able to use my waterproof for more than 1 picture.

Here is my Goddess and her friend in the pool.

Here they are in a friend's pool taking pics of each other. It is amazing how clear it is underwater.

Goddess recorded the fish tank under the water which I had not seen yet. I wish she would have taken her time so I could see what was going on but maybe next time I would head down.

To order this camera head over to Amazon. Way cheaper than a GoPro and it comes with a ton of accessories.

This is not an Ad. Just sharing a camera I got back in August of last year.

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