Wednesday, February 15, 2017

3 Tips On Bringing Christian Woman Ministries To Your Church

No one can truly understand a woman the way another woman can. This is why women's ministries are so important to build up Christian women everywhere. There are so many different ways to spearhead an effective women's ministry department at your church and if you're in need of ideas, consider the following options  

1. War Room Parties War Room was a powerful movie that displayed the power of prayer in a woman's life. She faced issues with her husband and their marriage and wasn't sure how to handle it. An older woman led her to start praying and seeking God for encouragement. Through this practice, she builds her own spiritual war room. Since this movie debuted, women all over the globe have created their own personal war rooms. To minister to the women of your church, host a war room party. In this party, choose a spiritual leader to guide the women in learning how to war on their knees for their needs, wants and desires. This exercise can be a life-changing experience for those in attendance.  

2. Special Guest Speakers One of the most refreshing parts of being a Christian is hearing the testimony of others. This is especially true for women within a women's ministry group. A great idea involves hosting an event at your church. For each event you host, invite all the women in your congregation and book powerful speakers for christian speaking engagements. As speakers share their wisdom and knowledge, they'll simultaneously lift up their fellow sisters and encourage them to continue on the path that God has laid out for them.

3. Small Groups Even though having women listen to a guest speaker is wonderful, in many cases, women would like to speak and connect with one another. One of the best ways to make this happen is through small groups. Consider dividing the small groups into special interest groups. Women who are mothers of young children might want to connect and draw encouragement from one another. Women who are dealing with menopausal issues might want to build up one another and discuss tips. Other topics that women like to connect on involve relationships, singleness, careers and ministry. As the women connect and build strong bonds with one another, this strengthens the ministry and leaves women feeling loved and cared for. There are so many moving parts with leading an effective women's ministry. Knowing this, don't be discouraged when things get a little messy or overwhelming. Take it one step at a time and know that your efforts aren't in vain.

I love getting together over coffee with my friends and think they will love the idea of continuing our discussions on Sundays after mass. Can't wait to bring this idea to the Church to see what they think.

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