Thursday, March 14, 2013

Looking For Spring Break Read For You or Your Son?

 Wade Boss: Hybrid Hunter by Marcus MacGregor

Former English teacher Marcus MacGregor has really done his homework to create a believable, teen-friendly adventure novel. The hero, Texas cowboy Wade Boss, has created a name for himself in Hollywood as a stuntman and animal trainer. But his life of simulating danger for the movies is abruptly upended when he discovers that he is the nation’s best defense against hybrid monsters. Now, it’s life and death for real as Wade races to contain rogue genetic science in Marcus MacGregor’s new book: Wade Boss: Hybrid Hunter. ISBN:1475239661,

In this first installment of what is to be a four-book series, Marcus MacGregor launches readers young and old into a world that gives a nod to classic spaghetti westerns. Only here, the “meatballs” jump off the plate and chase you, and the “pasta” grabs you like monstrous tentacles.
A former middle and high school English teacher, MacGregor writes in an adrenaline-fueled style that will engage the high school audience, while simultaneously hog-tying adults with subtleties and humor.
And Wade Boss: Hybrid Hunter is much more than just your typical western, successfully combining epic action and science fiction with all that is charming about the western lifestyle: manners, skill with a gun, horseback riding, fierce bravery, and faithful love.
MacGregor characterizes the fantastical hybrid animals in an entirely believable way. Genetic experiments, conducted by mad scientists-unknown, produce blended creatures that plausibly exhibit traits of both “parent” animals. MacGregor also delves into the mentalities of the hybrids, showing us how and why a “coyote-snake” acts like a feral canine one moment, and a venomous serpent the next.
“In order for Wade Boss to become the ‘indispensable man’ with regards to capturing hybrids, it was important for him to begin with some unique qualifications,” says MacGregor. “I thought that making him the son of a circus tiger-trainer would be a cool angle, but I needed to be sure that there was some sort of real-world precedent. It turns out that there are indeed families who have made tiger-training a generational, family business. Today there are even some fifth-generation trainers out there, which is fantastic.”

The 411 by Maria:

I was excited to read this just from the cover.  After receiving an autographed copy, I dove right in and was instantly captivated.  Wade is a man's man. He is tough, smart, the kind of guy boys want to be like.  When scientifically created hybrid beasts get lose, the government looks for one guy to help them capture them. 

The writing has a classic science fiction/western style that fans of this genre will eat up. Wade is an interesting lead character with skills like no other.  

If you like action adventure, this is the book for you. There were moments that dragged but overall, the old time feel revamp and modernized with hybrids was overall very interesting. I see a movie! 

Riveting dialogue: 

“What is it?!” screamed Mrs. Peterson.

“I don’t know!” shouted her husband. “Just stay down!” 

He glanced back at the door just in time to see the creature’s foreleg retract.

“Quiet, kids! Be quiet!” he ordered. Then he rose into a half-crouch and peered out the bedroom windows. 

“Can you see it?” asked his wife.

“No!” he answered. 

Mrs. Peterson shushed her terrified children, holding them close and rocking back and forth. Their screams died down to panicked sobs as Mr. Peterson strained to hear what was going on outside.
SLAM! The creature landed on the roof and started feverishly clawing at the sheet metal. The sound was like that of fingernails scraping down a chalkboard, only much louder.

Check out the book trailer:
Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy for my honest opinion.

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