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Dinosaur Train InterAction Arnie Argentinosaurus

Arnie is on sale at Amazon

 Based on the hit Emmy®- nominated PBS KIDS series Dinosaur Train, TOMY has developed an extensive line of original Dinosaur Train toys under the Company’s licensing agreement with The Jim Henson Company, which now welcomes new additions to the popular InterAction Figure line led by the all-new Extreme InterAction Figures. In addition, TOMY expands the Dinosaur Train playset offerings and collectible figure line with more kid-favorite characters to collect and enjoy.

Dinosaur Train Extreme InterAction Figures Incorporating all the features of the original InterAction Figures, including the ability to respond to other characters in the line with more than 50 dino sounds and phrases, these new InterAction Figures take fun to the extreme! Not only do they react and reply verbally to their Dinosaur Train friends, these Extreme InterAction Figures actually launch into action!

Extreme InterAction Alvin-Alvin comes to life around his Dinosaur Train InterAction friends;
when one of them says the InterAction trigger word, Alvin crouches down low then launches forward
at them. Complete with more than 50 fun dino sounds and phrases, Alvin takes InterAction to the
extreme! Ages: 3 and up. MSRP: $24.99–$26.99

Extreme InterAction Mr. Quetzalcoatlus-Watch Mr. Questzalcoatlus spread and flap his wings
when one of his InterAction friends says the trigger word. Complete with more than 50 fun dino
sounds and phrases Mr Quetzalcoatlus takes InterAction to the extreme! Ages: 3 and up. MSRP:

Extreme InterAction Mayor Kosmoceratops-Watch Mayor Kosmocersatops sit back and ram
forward when he hears the trigger word spoken by one of his dino friends. Complete with more than
50 fun dino sounds and phrases Mayor takes InterAction to the extreme! Ages: 3 and up. MSRP:

Extreme InterAction Arnie- Arnie Argentinosaurus is bigger than all of his other friends and Arnie’s
movements are 100% kid-inspired. By wearing a wristband, kids signal Arnie’s movements as he
walks, rears up on his legs and even stomps forward,all while interacting with more than 80 dino
sounds and phrases. Ages: 3 and up. MSRP: $49.99–$54.99

We got to review Arnie (the 411 by Maria:
OK let me start by saying I am a 46 year old child who loves toys more than my kids.
Dinosaur Train InterAction Arnie Argentinosaurus is so very cool! We love everything about him. He is large by toy standards but not so large that you need an extra room to claim him like our last dinosaur Koda the Dinosaur.

Dinosaur Train fans will love the whole InterAction toy line but especially Arnie.

The colors are wonderful.
The sounds are fun and kid friendly
He is completely interactive and walks, opens his mouth and makes over 80 dinosaur sounds and phrases
Arnie rears up on his hind legs by either pressing a button on Arnie or on the included wristband.

Cons (only because most reviews have them):
He takes 4 AA batteries
You can only be 10 feet away from Arnie

My kids and I love Arnie so much we may have to add some of the other InterAction Dinosaur Train characters to their Christmas list. We want to watch them react to each other.

Our favorite thing about Arnie: We love that he walks and stands on his hind legs!

Great toy for 3-8 year olds but like I said, I am 46 and love it.

Dinosaur Train Playsets
These fun playsets allow kids to reenact their favorite storylines from the show, as well as create their own
imagination-inspired adventures with creative interactivity.
T Rex Starter Set - This is a great set to introduce young Dinosaur Train fans to train play. As Buddy
rolls along the track in the engine, press the button on the side of the mountain to hear fun sounds.
Watch out for Boris, who pops out and grabs Buddy and drops him down the side of the mountain!
Ages: 3 and up. MSRP: $19.99–$24.99

BIG Dinosaur Motorized Adventure Set - With more than eight feet of track, a motorized train
engine, an exclusive flatbed train car, three collectible figures, and an all-new even bigger Dinosaur
Train station, this set is sure to please both the biggest dinosaurs and the biggest Dinosaur Train
fans! Ages: 3 and up. MSRP: $24.99–$29.99

Arctic Adventure Motorized Train Set - All aboard for Arctic adventures! This motorized train set
teaches kids that dinosaurs had just as much fun playing out in the snow as they do frolicking in the
forest. This set comes with three collectible figures, two Arctic cardboard destination tunnels, an allnew
snow covered Pteranodon Station, and over eight feet of track! Ages: 3 and up. MSRP: $24.99–

Dinosaur Train Collectible Figures

The 2012 Dinosaur Train Collectible Figures include new friends and old favorites, along with special feature
Collectible Figure packs designed to bring home even more Dinosaur Train adventures! Highlights include:
Dinosaur Train Collectible X-Ray 2 Packs – Select your favorite pair including X-Ray Martin and
Keenan, X-Ray Hank and Spikey, X-Ray Alan and Bucky, X-Ray Old Spinosaurus and Tiny, X-Ray
King Cryolophosaurus and Mr. Conductor, X-Ray Annie and Gilbert. MSRP: $7.99 ea.
Dinosaur Train 3D Dino Vision Collectible 2 Packs – 2 Packs of special feature figures come
complete with 3D vision glasses. Choose from 3D Dino Vision Iggy and Derek, 3D Dino Vision Mr.
Maiasaura and Daphne, 3D Dino Vision Ned and Shiny, 3D Dino Vision Boris and Buddy, 3D Dino
VisionAlvin and Petey, 3D Dino Vision Mr. Einiosaurus and Don. MSRP: 7.99 ea.

About TOMY International
TOMY International ( is a leading global designer, producer and marketer of a broad range
of innovative, high-quality toys sold to preschoolers, youths and adults under the TOMY®, Ertl®, Johnny
Lightning® and Tomica® brands as well as products for mothers, infants and toddlers marketed under its
The First Years®, Lamaze, JJ Cole® Collections and Boon® brands. TOMY International also markets its
products under popular and classic licensed properties such as Thomas & Friends, Chuggington, Dinosaur
Train, John Deere, Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, Princesses, Cars, Fairies and Toy Story, and other well-known properties.

TOMY International’s mission is to inspire and fulfill the dreams of children and parents
worldwide. TOMY International reaches its target consumers through multiple channels of distribution
supporting more than 25,000 retail outlets throughout North and South America, Europe and Australia.
TOMY International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan-based TOMY Company, Ltd. (Tokyo Stock
Exchange Code No. 7867). © TOMY

About Dinosaur Train
Dinosaur Train™ is an Emmy-nominated and Parents’ Choice Silver Honor TV series, and is one of the top
ten shows for kids ages 2 to 5. Young viewers join Buddy and his adoptive family of Pteranodons on
whimsical adventures through prehistoric jungles, swamps, volcanoes and oceans as they unearth basic
concepts in natural science, natural history and paleontology. The Dinosaur Train is a colorful locomotive,
customized to accommodate all kinds of dinosaurs, and it has the ability to visit the Triassic, Jurassic and
Cretaceous worlds, while the Train’s conductor, a knowledgeable Troodon, provides passengers with
fascinating facts along the way.

Created by Craig Bartlett, Dinosaur Train airs on PBS KIDS ® (check local listings), and embraces and
celebrates the fascination that preschoolers have with both dinosaurs and trains while encouraging basic
scientific and thinking skills. Dinosaur Train is produced by The Jim Henson Company and co-produced
with Singapore animation company Sparky Animation with participation and assistance of the Singapore
Media Development Authority. UK production and financial support is provided by Ingenious Media.
About The Jim Henson Company

The Jim Henson Company has remained an established leader in family entertainment for over 50 years and
is recognized worldwide as an innovator in puppetry, animatronics and digital animation. Best known as
creators of the world famous Muppets, Henson has received over 50 Emmy Awards and nine Grammy
Awards. Recent credits include the Emmy® nominated "Sid the Science Kid," "Dinosaur Train," "Wilson &
Ditch: Digging America" and "Pajanimals." Features include "The Dark Crystal," "Labyrinth," "MirrorMask,"
and "Unstable Fables" and television productions include "Fraggle Rock" and the sci-fi cult series

With additional locations in New York and London, The Jim Henson Company is headquartered in Los
Angeles on the historic Charlie Chaplin lot, complete with soundstage and postproduction facilities.
Independently owned and operated by the five adult children of founder Jim Henson, the Company is also
home to Jim Henson's Creature Shop™, a pre-eminent character-building and visual effects group with
international film, television and advertising clients, as well as Henson Recording Studios, one of the music
industry's top recording facilities known for its world-class blend of state-of-the-art and vintage equipment.
The Company’s Henson Alternative brand has recently launched the national tour of "Stuffed and Unstrung,"
a live puppet improvisational show named one of the top 10 “Best Stage Shows of 2010” by Entertainment
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