Saturday, June 30, 2012

Does Mother Really Know Best??


Mother Knows Best?
The Truth About Mom’s Well-Meaning
(But Not Always Accurate) Advice
By Sue Castle

Ever wonder if not making your bed actually will make monsters move in underneath them? If you go in the pool just after eating, will you really get a cramp and drown? Mother Knows Best? The Truth About Mom’s Well-Meaning (But Not Always Accurate) Advice (Skyhorse Publishing, April 2012) is a must-have handbook bursting with hilarious facts and fiction as we put mothers’ wisdom to the test.  This book will have you laughing and crying as you questioning some of the commonly accepted notions you’ve been practicing for years … and your mother’s intelligence. Author Sue Castle takes some of mom’s most infamous pieces of advice and puts them to the test, including:

·         Will a glass of warm milk help you sleep?
·         Is chicken soup really the best cure for the common cold?
·         Does turning a light off for a few minutes use more energy than it saves?
·         If you pick up a baby every time she cries will she become spoiled?
·         If you cross your eyes, do they get stuck that way?
·         Are brown eggs healthier than white eggs?
·         And much more!

Mother Knows Best?—The perfect gift for every kind-hearted, lie-spewing lady in your lifewill entertain and amuse as it informs, offering not only the real basis in fact but also the origin and purpose of Mom’s sometimes dubious counsel!

About the Authors
Sue Castle is a writer, television producer, and a mother. She lives in New York City.

The 411 by Maria:
So funny! There were so many things that I thought really people think this? 

There were so many things that I found especially interesting. Did you know a ring around the moon means rain? I had no idea. 

Basically the book takes a statement, gives you the answer in small italics than a reason why. This is a perfect companion to anyone who loves these age old wisdom anecdotes that many of us have been hearing forever, chews them up and spits them out. 

You may actually find yourself rolling your eyes and just having to call your mom or grandma to tell them how wrong they are....


If you get stung once, the second time will not be worse! Hello grandpa..this is so not true but thanks for scaring the bejesus out of me.

If you have heartburn while pregnant the baby will have hair. friends have been saying this for years to each other. I knew it was a much of caca! 

Don't pick a baby up every time it cries, it is good for their lungs to cry! umm...yup...I tell my friends all the time to pick up those crying babies. Oh and another thing YOU CAN NEVER SPOIL A BABY BY PICKING IT UP. Spoil it how? In three years they won't want to be picked up and you will be longing for the days when all they wanted to do was lie on you or be held. PICK THEM UP FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN (BTW..not in the book about the picking up, just my own public service announcement.)

Great gift for soon to be moms or anyone who loves to read!  Funny, straightforward and you can finally set the record straight on those sayings you have undoubtedly been hearing forever.
Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy for the sole purpose of this review.

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