Sunday, July 19, 2009

Past Post - Thursday August 4, 2005

Sometimes when I re-read some of my posts I have to chuckle at how witty (me?) I was.

Back in the day, to keep my sanity I used to write a blog called the Precocious Toddler where I wrote in my son's voice.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Highlights of my day and it is only 2:54 pm

  • Woke up, made my way to mom and dad's room and tried to pry open their eye lids.
  • Played with playdoh by making small little lint size pieces in every color available so that mom had something to do later.
  • Eat four out of six meat sticks. Mom ate the rest.
  • Watched and danced to the Wiggles. God I love them!
  • Dragged my size Batman around by his cap. He thinks he's tough but I kick his butt every time.
  • Poked my sister in the eye. I like watching mom flinch.
  • Hid my cars under the couch cushion; dad will feel them later when he tries to get comfortable.
  • Watched Oprah or as I say Opa.
  • Sang the alphabet to entertain mom.
  • Read a book with mom.
  • Hugged mommy when she yelled at me for standing on the couch. She hugged back, she is such a sucker.
  • Refused to take my nap.
  • Pointed and told mom what colors I was looking at; (bwon, bwu, yewow, owang, ed, and gway).
My little boy has changed so much since 2005. He is now a big boy of 6 and this just reminds me how fast time goes.


  1. Maria, you never fail to bring tears to my eyes..... God I miss my boys!!!
    The oldest is trying to come down for a visit before he is deployed. Cross your fingers for me...

  2. Lol
    I tried to keep a straight face for most of this post but when you went into the hug. Aww dear, they know how to tug at the heart strings of those who love them. Entertaining post. Thanks for sharing it here.

  3. Poor Mom. Sometimes I wonder if they pic fights with their siblings just for the entertainment value.


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