Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Look What I Found Thursday - #14

I would like to share with you "pearls of the Internet" on my radar for the week.

Dear Readers,

Looking for a designer for your banner, business cards, custom graphics, custom website headings and more?

Check out Bearcengic

Vanessa has designed the banner for my new Etsy shop (to be unveiled in August for my 43rd birthday!) Woot! Damn...I better get moving.

Wear Your Music.Org creates jewelry from guitar strings. This is the coolest thing ever.

Got a music lover you need a gift for?
A Guitar Hero Wannabe's birthday coming up?

Get them a bracelet made with strings of the guitar of their favorite artist.

About the WYM Artist Bracelets:
Each guitar string bracelet is handcrafted from recycled fine silver and guitar strings used and donated by the artist you select. The bracelets must slip over your hand unless a custom clasp is added; please size accordingly. Bracelets are packaged in recycled DVD cases with certificates of authenticity. Profits are donated to charities selected by the artists. Each bracelet is custom made upon order and production time can take up to three weeks before item ships.

With artists from Avril Lavigne to Ziggy Marley and everyone in between such as John Meyer, Stevie Vai and even Slash you can find something for everyone.

About the WYM Fashion Bracelets:
These one-size-fits-all, unisex guitar string bracelets come in all different colors! Made from real guitar strings, they really rock! Wear just one or stack on a ton! Great gifts for music lovers of all ages! Rock’n’Roll jewelry is here to stay!

A percentage of the profits from these bracelets are donated to charities that support music.

I gave a sample to my girlfriend's, music lover son and he loves it. What's not to love?

Last but by no means least, let me introduce you to Ultimate Nights. I was lucky enough to receive a basket with some of their samples. Pretty right?!

Inside the basket was a candle, some ultimate instinct with is a pheromone (love it, everyone is talking about those pheromones these days) and Zen (see the pink lips), those are know whenever you have some stress in your neck you need to massage away or something else. Is this blog PG rated? Oh hell, you know what it massages!
Ok, ready for the lowdown?

The Zen, is great for the novice not the bull riding cowgirl type. If you want something sweet, and pretty that will ease you slowly into 1st gear this is the toy, opsey, massager for you.

The Pheromones, lets just say there is no reason to ever wear perfume again. It reacts to your own body heat and essence creating your own personal scent. Nice! I smell wonderful by the way.

The "Devotion" candle, my husband and I will never buy a candle from anywhere else. We love it and believe that in all of our candle history we have never had one that lingered the way this one does. Not only does it smell good but the wonderful smell lasts for 2 days throughout my house. The have a few different types to choose from. Beside the amazing, long lasting scent. These candles are soy which means they don't give off a whole lot of smoke. The absolute best.

Ultimate Nights also a way for you to host a party for your friends.

  • We ’ll provide a professional Ultimate Nights Party Consultant who will show you and your girlfriends lots of fun and educational ways to take your love life to new heights.
  • Laugh and learn about intimate and sensual products in a comfortable home party setting while chatting about relationships, your body, his body and whatever else comes up!!
  • A night you and your friends will never forget!
  • Feel, taste and touch a wide variety of mood-enhancing products, bath & body, massage, books, games, DVD’s and toys!
Or perhaps you see yourself the an entrepreneur type. You can become a consultant and throw the parties. Check out the easy way to opt in here.

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