Sunday, May 04, 2008

Way Back Post - Painting the Deck

Originally written Friday, June 24, 2005 on the Precocious Toddler Blog

Painting the Deck?

So today, Mom asks if I want to go out.

Hello? Do I poop in my diaper?

So, we go to the deck, mom brings the screaming pink bundle and we head to the swing. Mom and I sit with the bundle who is finally quieting down and she starts us moving. We were on the swing for a moment when mom shot up and headed to the house. She comes out with, get this, a bucket of water and a paint brush?

Is she kidding? We live 2 friggin blocks from a lake, I have a blow up pool that is sitting unfilled in the corner of the deck and she brings me a bucket of water.

She hands me the brush and says, "go on baby, paint the deck?"

What? Does she think I am so dumb that I don't know that the liquid swishing around in the bucket is water?

She takes the brush and sticks it into the water and proceeds to brush the deck.

Ummm...come on now mom, have you been sniffing glue. That is not paint, and I am not going to do hard labor on a beautiful day.

She is smiling so I figure I will entertain her. I snatch the stupid paint brush stick it in the water and touch it to the wood. As the beam turns the color of well..wet wood, I hear mom. "Good boy. Jesse is painting the deck."

I must admit as much as I hate it that it was God damn fun.

What? So I wet the beam. Mom was happy and I got to play in water. So there.

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