Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chocolate Puss and Pretty Smile

They are cute but man they test my patience almost 20 times a day.

The boy; well..he has gotten into throwing things. You know, the kind of things that come crashing down and land on his sister's head.

Also, he has started jumping off the dining room table. Where do they get this shit from?

Then there is the hitting. He used to just yell now he is hitting me. WHAT???!!! Oh hell no! He is going to be black and blue before this lesson is learned. There will be no mommy hitting.

These days...he is saying his prayers, watching Lazy town and working out with Sportacus. Talking about his friends at school, playing with his Little People village and pretend play food. He also needs a ton of things in order to go to bed. There are three to four books, Twinkle from Higgletown heroes, his Wiggle dolls, his blanket, some play food, and recently a box with Santa Claus on it and a painted wood rainbow that he put inside it, that he had to have from Michaels Craft Store. No idea how he sleeps with all this stuff clanking around but he needs it all or will not go to sleep. Last night we couldn't find Twinkle and he stood in the middle of his room biting his blanket until we found her. Kids!

The girl; she does everything he does, so I am waiting for the day I see her standing on the table ready to take her first leap into her first cast.

She is 19 months and 19 pounds with the lungs of a 250 pound women. Not sure where the screaming comes from but man this Banshee girl can break glass.

These days she loves to hug, give kiss on the mouth, play with anything her brother is, sing her alphabet song, watch Elmo, dance, and be read to. She can count to 12 and can name most things in a picture book. Lately we are working on colors and letters and talking on the walkie talkie phones that her Godmother sent over.

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