Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dead Idol Walking this week is being changed to Hot Idol Walking

Last night we said good-bye to Ace!

Ace sweetie,

I wish miss your come hither looks, your back pocket beanie, your smoldering sexy eyes and your hair calming hand.

Who will Paula obsess over?

I look forward to your visit to Regis and Kelly! Hopefully I will see you again somewhere. At least we sleep under the same big sky! Take some acting classes, maybe John Travolta will be needing a younger version of himself in some movie.

Good luck and good night! We will always have Idol!


  1. ok were you surprised though? cuz I thought Kellie would be gone!! I didn't think Ace would win but......not go before Kellie....also Chris being bottom 2???? what's up with that???

    it would be like an emotional yoyo being on that show....and it seems Americans keep changing their minds!!

  2. my heart is crying with you ='(

  3. I have to say I was so suprised that Chris was in the bottom 3. I expected Ace would be going though. He has a ton of sites dedicated to him so he will be around for a while. I am sorry to see him go but Chris was the shocker for me. I think because he is the favorite to win people have stopped voting for him. I hope he at least makes it to the bottom 3. That would be a travisty.

  4. i love your blog. am thankful u don't mind me showing it to my friends. :)


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