Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Country Music Night for the Remaining 9 Idols

Country Music is the genre tonight with some help from a strange looking Kenny Rodgers. With so many great songs to choose from I was disappointed with some choices.

Taylor starts with John Denver’s Take Me Home Country Roads. I adore this song. I love Taylor but it was just ok. I liked the scale down at the end but it was just ok.

Randy – The vocals were just ok
Paula – Your personality didn’t shine through
Simon – Safe, boring, lazy

Mandisa sang some Shania Twain’s Any Man of Mine. Big girl looked hot as always. I love her! I didn’t dig her vocals. I thought she was just ok.

Randy – Weird song choice. Liked the last 4 bars.
Paula – Your voice is amazing
Simon – Horrible! Didn’t like it. It was cutesy.

Elliott sang Garth Brooks If Tomorrow Never Comes. I know Garth is huge with Country music fans but I never really liked him. This dude can sing but I am not sure if I loved the song. He looked so uncomfortable.

Randy – Love the song. That was hot.
Paula – You are such a breath of fresh air to this business. You are humble. You stay true to yourself.
Simon – Good song choice. Hesitant. Not the best vocal but the best so far.

Paris sang How do I live without you by LeAnne Rimes. It was just ok. A bit weak.

Randy – The front was not good. You got better towards the end.
Paula – You have a powerhouse voice but the song was a struggle for you
Simon – I thought it was very good. Early Dionne Warwick.

Ace sang Keith Urban’s Tonight I want to Cry. I friggin love this guy. Ace could sing me to sleep any night. I actually allowed myself to watch him sing for the first time in weeks. He is cute and CAN sing. What a combo. I don’t know, doesn’t anyone see Vinnie Barbarino here?

Randy – These are hard songs to bring your personality to.
Paula – I thought it was a nice take on the song
Simon – I don’t always think you chose the right song but tonight you chose the right song.

Kelli sang Fancy by Reba. Kelli and her push up started the song in the audience. I thought she did a kick ass job. Her voice was perfect, raw, raspy, raunchy and strong perfect for the song.

Randy – Finally! Finally! Finally! Really good. Your night.
Paula – This is a great night for you
Simon – It would be a shame if you didn’t do well.

Chris sang Keith Urban’s Making Memories of Us. I love this song. This dude can sing anything. Move over Ace honey, Chris is singing me to sleep tonight.

Randy – Good for you to sing. Good job
Paula – You showed versatility
Simon – Great to see a different side of you.

Katherine sang Faith Hill’s Bringing out the Elvis in me. She sounded awesome. Go Katherine. Even though she looked uncomfortable trying to be sexy.

Randy – Bluesy/Country. You sang it very well
Paula – That is your style. Hot
Simon – I don’t know what to say.

Bucky sang Gary Allan’s Best I Ever Had. I love this song but for me there was too much twang and not enough annunciations.

Randy – It was a little pitchy in the beginning Good song choice for you.
Paula – You and Kelli probably shinned. (Come on Paula, probably? When will you decide tomorrow?)
Simon – It sounded ok to me.

If I were voting my vote would go to Chris
My choice to leave tomorrow would be Bucky or Paris.

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