Friday, April 21, 2006

Maria's Eye Candy Spotlights - Ryan Reynolds

Damn me...I had wanted to do this weekly. I can't even get to it monthly!
Crap! I suck!

Anywhoo this spotlight is dedicated to Canadian Hottie Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan is such a cutie. He is engaged to Alanis Morrissette. I can't believe that chick gets to sleep next to this guy every night! Damn her!

I first noticed Ryan when he was in some lamo show called Two guys and a Girl. I must have been a real lamo too because I remember when it was first Two guys, a girl and a pizza place. How friggin sad. I am almost embarressed to even admit to that.

Ryan is adorable when funny but he can be hot when playing the muscle in a movie like Blade Trinity or the crazy possessed psycho in 2004's Amityville Horror.

I must admit that I like the Ryan with the beard. Without it he looks young enough to be my son and that just isn't right!


  1. yes when I think of Ryan the "I am Canadian" voice rings through my head....he is hot hot hot and hot

  2. I love bonding with chicks over hot men! It rocks. You are right...he is so hot, hot, hot and hot!

  3. Does anyone else think that Alanis looks like a horse? Strap a feedbag on that woman!

  4. She has a long face kind of like Sarah Jessice Parker but if she can bag Ryan how bad can she be? If being a horse face gets guys like that...I say neigh!!!


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