Sunday, December 11, 2005

There is nothing like Girlfriends!!! oh and a good husband

Wow, what a life! Thursday I hung out with my buddy Bekkah at my home. Fun visit, catching up, and female discussions. My son, Bek's Godson was extremely entertaining and very affectionate. He kept plopping down next to her and putting his head on her arm (her shoulder if he could reach). He came by for tons of hugs and danced around for her. Too funny! My little man! No pics, not sure why! I always have the camera out.

Today I got together with three friends at Houlihans for some lunch, drinks, convo, and laughs. Lunch was awesome (lettuce wraps: sesame chicken wrapped in lettuce leafs, Ahi Tuna Salad: seared rare tuna over nappa cabbage with cilantro, bananas and cashews tossed in banana ginger vinaigrette, big yum, much kudos to Houlis for this one. Wow...I could eat this every day. One tall glass of water, one mojito, one cappachino and a triple berry cobbler).

We were probably loud and obnoxious to our table neighbors but we had the best time. We took pictures. laughed, and ate. Man did I eat. I am not used to getting to eat without little ones around. I don't know if I came up for air until I was done with my berry cobbler.

The biggest problem was that I had not nursed my daughter for 6 hours and I couldn't wait to get home. I was sure that her daddy had feed her but I was so uncomfortable.

About the man..he was loving, talkative and sexy for the past three days. There is nothing like a man who tells you here's some money, go out with your friends, the kids and I will have fun. Yesterday he took the boy out in the snow for almost 2 hours. He also called a friend to congratulate them on some good news and offer his services for anything they need, he did a friend a favor and when they paid him for it he decided to put the money back into their medical fund. What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man. a friend joked that he must have been visited by the ghosts of Christmas past.

Here are some pics from today

Here are pics from yesterday in the snow


  1. I'm so happy you had such a GREAT weekend...those pics are awesome!!

    BTW - I forgot to ask, did you end up having one of those giNORmous cappuccinos??? :)

  2. Love the snow pics and looks like you had a well-deserved girls day out!!!

  3. Bek-I did have a great weekend. Love getting together with girlfriends and it never happens enough. The last time this group and I went out I was pregnant with Jesse. Imagine!

    I did have one of those FAKE was oh so good! Could go for one about now.

    Mama-You are not kidding. I truly did need to go out. There is nothing like the comfort of TRUE friends.

    Jesse had an awesome time in the snow. This was his first real outing and he was freezing but his Dad still needed to talk him into coming inside. I love his face in that last picture...utter bliss

  4. God bless you for having such a GREAT husband!!!!

    WOW you are so lucky!


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