Monday, January 10, 2022

Facts About Orphanages


Have you ever wondered what orphanages are like? It's a valid question. Though you probably know what an orphanage is, you might wonder how they are run or what kids do there. An orphanage is a place where kids stay who don't have parents to take care of them. Keep reading to learn some interesting facts about orphanages. 


This first fact might surprise you, but here goes. Why do you think that most kids become orphans in the first place? Do you think it's because their parents died? Well, actually, this isn't the primary reason. The primary reason children become orphans is because of poverty. Poverty prevents people from taking care of their kids. In fact, 92% of orphans in Sri Lanka actually have at least one living parent! However, they are unable to properly take care of their kid. If you want to, you can make donations for orphaned and underprivileged children

Here is another fact about orphanages. Did you know that in Asia the number of orphanages is rising? However, at the same time, the number of orphans is decreasing. How can this be so? How could this be possible? Well, living conditions are, fortunately, getting better. This means that not as many kids have to leave their families to go to orphanages, which is good. 

Here is another fact about orphanages. This is a sad fact. Many children who live in orphanages stay for a long time. This results in them having intellectual, emotional, and social issues, unfortunately. At the same time, there are volunteers that help the children at orphanages. However, these helpers might not stay long. This means that kids don't develop lasting relationships with the people taking care of them. 

Here is the last fact about orphanages in this article. A study was conducted. It reported that if children under the age of two went to foster care instead of staying in the insitution, they could fare better developmentally. 


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