Tuesday, October 08, 2019

6 Steps To Grinding The Best Coffee

To fully appreciate a good brew, coffee lovers need to understand the grinding process that goes into making a cup of their favorite beverage. There are 6 steps to grinding the best coffee that every coffee lover should know, especially if they want to be successful at brewing their own coffee. These tips will produce less expensive, but also quality coffee that everyone will love. With this knowledge, coffee drinkers who consume about three cups per day can save money by making their own coffee instead of buying it at a coffee shop. The reason for this is because it will help them to avoid buying coffee in coffee shops that can become very expensive over time. Here are the 6 steps to grinding the best coffee that will prevent you from having to break the bank buying coffee.

1. Getting the right coffee beans

First of all, you need the right coffee beans before you start grinding. Instead of buying bulk coffee from the store, the best would be whole fresh beans. The beans should be used within days of being roasted and grinded properly.

2. Choosing the right grinder

You also need a good grinder like a burr or a blade grinder so that the beans are uniformly ground. Just like its name, a blade grinder has blades that do the grinding. But this normally results in an inconsistent grind. Burr grinders have two cutting discs that help maintain an even consistency of the coffee, especially if there is less distance between the burrs. You can find a burr grinder which is either automatic or a manual one. But, both serve the purpose.

3. Check the grinding consistency

Consistency is an important factor when grinding coffee beans. Whichever consistency you prefer depends on how you choose to brew your coffee. There is a certain grind consistency that works best with specific brews for you to get the best coffee.

Coarse coffee is used to make French press and percolators. The medium consistency makes flat-bottomed drip coffee. The fine type makes espresso, conical drip coffee makers or espresso. A finer consistency is best for Espresso machines while the finest grind is for Turkish coffee.

4. Measuring the beans

Too many beans make coffee taste acidic and dry. Buy a small, digital scale that you can use to measure the beans. The correct measurement will help you to maximize the flavor. With the correct ratio of coffee to water you can brew different types of coffee according to your taste. Also, by measuring your beans you will only be able to grind what you need.

5. Quality Water

Do not use water coming straight from the tap. Tap water contains chlorine gives coffee a strange taste. If you must, use a simple, filtering device that helps get rid of the chlorine present in tap water. The water you use needs to be boiled at the right temperature before you add the beans.

6. Store correctly

After grinding the coffee, you need to store your coffee in a cool, dark place for at least 2 weeks. Well stored coffee stored in a sealed container or vacuum sealed bag remains fresh for long.

You do not have to use a complicated brewing method. You will be able to brew great coffee as long as you follow the correct steps. Simply pick the right tools and a method that you like and avoid wasting your time and money from choosing a bad preparation method. Check ground coffee reviews for more information about the best ground coffee.

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