Monday, April 15, 2019

Ways to Reinvent Your Church

While it’s true that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, many church-goers make snap decisions when they visit a new church. They look at what shape the building is in, how well taken care of the grounds are, how clean you keep your sanctuary and how well-lit and inviting the interior is. If your church falls short in any of these areas, despite how welcoming your congregation is and how good of a group you have, you might lose potential members. Here are a few ways you can easily improve your church’s image and go through a reinvention.

Upgrade Your Church Sign

Your church’s sign is the first thing people see when they visit your congregation. Do you have an old, painted sign that doesn’t look like it’s been updated in forty years? Your church’s sign is like the face of your congregation. If it isn’t inviting, people will be put off. Consider an upgrade to your sign. Design one yourself or have it professionally designed. Signs can be easily created through local signage shops or online, and the upgrade will be well worth it.

Upgrade Your Interior

Once people get inside, they continue to make determinations about the church as a whole. Are your ceremonial robes and apparel worn and frayed? Do your statues and crosses have chips and scratches? Are your candleholders tarnished and looking sad? A great upgrade would be replacing old, worn out christian church supplies with new ones.

Upgrade Everything – Through Cleaning

One simple, cheap upgrade that any congregation on any budget can do is to clean the church grounds. Often churches can start to look run down without the members even noticing. It happens gradually. Have regular church work days. Do the yard, paint fresh lines in the parking lot, fix peeling paint, clean the windows, polish the metal work, dust. Regular, thorough cleaning can transform your building from drab to stunning.

With these simple church upgrades, you can change the face of your congregation and make your book’s cover as beautiful as the pages inside.

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