Sunday, April 07, 2019

Colgate For A Healthy Mouth - Colgate Total SF

I received the new Colgate TotalSF and a Colgate 360 Advance last month to try out.  The toothpaste was a definite hit. My son just got braces and it was the paste his doctor recommend to us last week. I was happy to let her know we were already on it!

According to the Colgate fact sheet, the new Colgate TotalSF formula is revolutionizing everyday oral care with advanced science and technology. New Colgate TotalSF has been reinvented to deliver whole mouth health in a completely new way versus ordinary fluoride toothpastes. The breakthrough formula does everything the previous version did, but with even more benefits and superior protection than ever before. Following more than a decade of development, including dozens of laboratory and clinical studies, this is smart toothpaste, formulated to proactively defend against bacteria, food acids and stains so that your whole mouth teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums is protected from cavities, bad breath, plaque and gingivitis.  I don't know about all that stuff but I can tell you that my kids have not forgotten to brush since they started using it and my daughter told me this week after drinking a caramel drink from Dunkin Donuts that she couldn't wait to go home and brush her teeth. Never happened before.

New Colgate TotalSF delivers excellent performance against plaque and gingivitis with additional new and improved benefits including:

• Anti-bacterial protection of the teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums for 12 hours
• Anti-sensitivity benefits
• Improved enamel protection
• Elimination of bad breath (can even lessen morning breath with prolonged usage)
• Improved food acid neutralization
• New cooling flavors for longlasting freshness

AND if you guys are looking for new toothbrushes I highly recommend Colgate 360 Advance. I have never fallen in love with a toothbrush until now. In fact the Easter Bunny has a few to put in my families Easter Baskets this year. They are jealous of mine. It has soft bristles but the brush also has 4 zone bacteria removing action which basically means it has those little rubbery bristles all over the brush head for all over cleaning action! You get your cheeks, teeth, lips, gums and tongue while you brush your teeth. It is the best!

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