Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Your Pets Will Love Bump It Off

Pamper your beloved pet with BUMP IT OFF. Perfect for grooming and massaging, this reusable silicone sleeve fits perfectly on your hand. It's also great for lifting pet's loose hair to keep your couches, clothes and carpet hair free. Bump It Off features gentle silicone bristles on one side of the sleeve and smooth bumps on the other, ensuring you get every last hair, while also providing comfort to your pet. Spoil your canine or feline animal with the perfect belly rub from BUMP IT OFF!

The 411: 

We don't have a dog but we have a new cat. She is with us for 14 days and so far I have not been able to get a good photo of us brushing her as she is still acclimating. Every picture was her trying to lick our hands so they were all very blurry. However, she loves when she sees us putting the Bump It Off on our hand. To her it means let's play. 

Blurry pic!

Bump It Off is perfect for pets as it is super easy to clean and they really don't mind being brushed.

About 7 days ago we had a strange experience that I don't think Bump It Off will have heard of yet. Our house had a lice episode. It was awful and we have spent 30 hours brushing and 20 extra hours of laundry this week. School outbreaks are never fun. We have been fortunate in the past few scares but this time it hit one of us. AND...we noticed it because of Bump It Off. I had just received it in the mail and went over to rub it on one of my kids heads. AND....the next thing you know I am looking at about 7 little tiny poppy seed on Bump It Off. YUP....upon inspection LICE! UGH...SO....good for your cat, dog and to detect lice. Who knew!?

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered. 

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