Thursday, November 30, 2017

Explaining Santa When You Get Those Questions!

Mom, are you Santa Claus?

Love, Santa
is the beautifully affirming answer to that that inevitable, daunting question.

Every parent who celebrates Christmas will adore the gift of Love, Santa—a lavishly designed picture book by acclaimed author Martha Brockenbrough and illustrator Lee White!

Love, Santa began as a real-life series of letters between Martha and her young daughter Lucy. As happens in so many families, Lucy wrote letters to Santa every year that Martha secretly answered. Then Lucy turned nine and asked the most dreaded Christmas question.  So Martha wrote one final letter, explaining the truth about the magic of Christmas and the identity of Santa Claus.

We are all Santa Claus when we give the gift of love.

Martha knew her story could help other parents going through the same daunting moments so she posted it on a popular parenting blog. The reaction was immediate: the original piece was picked up by national outlets including The New York Times, has been shared and pinned millions of times worldwide.

Martha Brockenbrough is available for interviews and other content. Lucy is now a teenager and collaborated with her Mom on a holiday songs project, the proceeds of which will go to charity.

The 411:

I love this book. It is so sweet and beautifully written. It is the story of a little girl who writes letters to Santa every year and gets responses from him. There are actually envelopes with letters inside glued to the pages of the story that you can take out and read.

As she gets older she starts writing to her Mom asking if she is Santa. Mom explains in the most lovely way ever that Santa is an idea. He is how you show love and that he is real in our hearts and in what we do for others.

If this is something you are dreading, this is the perfect story book.

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