Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Green Goo Makes Sage Health Care Products For You and Your Pets

Green Goo's products work wonders on humans, now let them work their magic on your beloved pet! Take for example Lisa Steele with Fresh Eggs Daily, who stocks up on Green Goo's First Aid for her little cluckers. An avid fan and user, Steele has been using the salve for years and has even recommended it in her books and throughout her blog. A natural alternative to Neosporin that can be used on chickens, ducks, cats, dogs and horses to help speed up the healing process and prevent infection. Green Goo's family is dedicated to bringing you all-natural products -- food for your skin – at an affordable price. 

We just got a kitty three weeks ago. She is very sweet and we are so happy to have something on hand should she ever need it.

Green Goo's Animal First Aid is like a Neosporin for pets. It is even safe enough for us to use.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product. No monetary compensation was offered.  

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